3 Reasons Why Interior Inspections on Single Family Homes are Ineffective – Property Management Mesa

Many times, rental property owners want to know if their property manager is doing regular inspections of their property. It seems counter-intuitive, and many managers promote the fact that they do regular inspections. However, I have learned first-hand after 30 years of experience that inspections do one of two things; either they bother good tenants or they allow so-called bad tenants to camouflage any damage or poor housekeeping that they’d like to hide.

You Are Unlikely to Detect Damage

If you have tenants who want to hide a pet they aren’t supposed to have or cover up repairs that need to be done, they’ll have plenty of time to do when you set up the inspection. You might catch one or two things that would indicate poor housekeeping during the course of your inspection, but it wastes your time and disturbs your responsible tenants. At TransCity, we have never had any of our tenants damage a property much beyond the security deposit unless there was deferred maintenance. You will need to replace old carpet and paint every 4-7 years in a rental property. These are expenses you will incur between tenants from normal wear and tear.

Trust Your Screening Process

Vacancy is the landlord’s greatest cost and loss factor. When your property is vacant you lose the most money. The screening process is where you win the inspection game. If you rent to good tenants and verify landlord history, you’ll rarely have a problem that requires regular inspections by the property manager.

Collecting Vendor Reports

Every vendor and service call provides you with eyes and ears on the property. Any time a maintenance person is in the home making a repair or providing a service, we ask them to take a look around and report back to us on what they find. Most tenants don’t expect vendors to report on what they see.

Through these methods, we have successfully managed properties and maintained relationships with excellent tenants. If there are red flags like late rental payments or HOA violations or neighbors complaining, we will take quick action and inspect the property if necessary. Those tenants will be removed from the property if they refuse to follow the lease contract. In the 30 years of single family home management, we have rarely had to do that.

If you have any questions about how to effectively manage a property, please contact us at TransCity Property Management.