A Look at Our Approach to Tenant Screening and Property Inspections

At TransCity Property Management, Inc. in Mesa, AZ, we help landlords tackle the tasks of marketing properties, vetting tenants, and performing inspections. Not only do our property management services make it easier for landlords to maximize the returns on their real estate investments, but they also ensure that landlord-tenant law is closely followed in every aspect of your transactions. Because these laws are complex and change frequently, a property management service could be the key to avoiding costly lawsuits. Tenant screenings and property inspections are two areas that are strictly governed by law, and we do a thorough job within the proper legal framework. Here is a look at our approach to both of these important tasks. landlord - tenant

Tenant Screenings

When screening tenants, there are certain factors that can be included in the screening and others that cannot be. All landlords must comply with federal Fair Housing Act regulations. Tenants cannot be screened on the basics of race, gender, religion, familial status, national origin, or handicap. Although you are allowed to exclude companion pets from your properties, federal laws prevent you from prohibiting service animals. You can screen tenants by performing a criminal background check, pulling a credit history report, and reviewing income verifications. It is also acceptable to talk to current and previous landlords. Our properties managers will perform all of the allowed screenings and help you develop a formula for using that information to rule potential tenants in or out. We will also ensure that tenants fully understand the screening process.

Property Inspections

Property inspections are performed on move-in and move-out. Typically, because our screening process is robust, inspections during tenancy are not usually necessary. However, we drive by all of the properties we represent regularly and look for any red flags of excessive damage. All of our repair vendors are also asked to report any excessive damage they note in the property to us right away. If there are any concerns, we will contact the tenant and schedule a full inspection, in accordance with our legal requirements for notification and the terms of the lease.