Advice for Renting a Home with a Roommate

When you’re renting a home, having a roommate is a great way to upgrade the properties you can consider, since you can split your living expenses. However, choosing the wrong roommate can turn your dream home into a nightmare. Before you start your roommate search, check with the property management company in Mesa, AZ who is in charge of the properties you’re considering to find out their rules for roommates and how they handle roommate applications. Here are some tips for navigating the process of renting a home with a roommate. roommate - rent

Discuss Expectations

The biggest mistake most people make when they move in with roommates is that they don’t discuss their expectations in advance. Don’t simply assume that you can be happy sharing a home with someone just because you are friends. Talk about everything you expect from your new home, from how clean and organized you like things to be to whether overnight guests are allowed, well before you sign the lease. Having these discussions in advance makes it possible to avoid conflict after you actually move in together.

Find Out How Roommates Are Qualified

Different property management companies handle roommate applications in different ways. In some cases, roommates are required to each qualify for the rental on their own, without considering the reduced rent they will be paying. In other cases, property managers have lower income requirements for individuals who apply to be on the same lease for an apartment. Understanding these rules in advance is an important part of finding the right home.

Make Compromises

If you are looking for homes together, decide what compromises you are willing to make so you can find a rental you both like. For instance, if a home has a great master bedroom but the second bedroom is tiny, decide if you would be willing to pay more to have the master bedroom or if having two comparably-sized bedrooms is more important. Knowing where you’re willing to compromise and where you aren’t will make it easy to narrow down your property choices.