Do You Have to Allow Pets in Your Rental Property?

Pets are a delight for their owners and are often treated as members of the family. But they can also wreak havoc on a rental property by leaving unsightly and odoriferous stains on the flooring, claw marks on the woodwork, and other types of damage. A landlord can decide to instruct his or her property manager in Mesa, AZ, that no pets will be allowed in the rental property. However, exceptions are legally required to be made in the case of service animals. As your property manager can advise you, it is a violation of the Fair Housing Act to deny a rental property to a disabled person because he or she needs a service animal.

House rental management companies can work with you to develop an effective pet clause in your lease agreement. With the exception of service animals, you might decide to prohibit pets altogether. Or, you may decide to allow most pets, but not dogs. If you do allow pets, your property management service specialist might recommend that you require a pet deposit to cover any damage that results from the pet.

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