How a Property Management Company Can Help You Find Long-Term Renters

Rental properties present the possibility of an additional income stream, but as any experienced landlord can tell you, this income is far from being “passive.” Rental properties in Mesa require extensive upkeep. Frequent tenant turnovers increase your workload even further. The most effective solution is to contract with a rental property management company. Tenant management services take the pressure off of you and they can reduce your tenant turnover. tenant - management

Conducting Thorough Tenant Screening

Finding long-term tenants is a process that begins before your new tenants sign the lease. A tenant management company is skilled at thoroughly screening prospective tenants to ensure that your rental properties will be inhabited by responsible individuals or families. Rental managers usually establish strict eligibility requirements to discourage potentially irresponsible tenants from submitting applications. They can verify sources of income, conduct a criminal history check, and pull credit reports. In addition, property managers will carefully explain every clause of the lease to tenants who pass this rigorous screening process.

Performing Routine Maintenance

One reason why tenants move out quickly is that they are dissatisfied with the level of care taken with maintenance of the property. Once your property manager has identified good tenants for your rental, he or she will ensure your tenants satisfaction by performing all necessary maintenance tasks. These typically include pool care and landscaping.

Being Responsive to Emergencies

When a household emergency occurs, your professional property management company will be available on a 24/7 basis to respond to the problem. Tenants who must put up with malfunctioning air conditioning, leaky roofs, and broken toilets for any length of time are likely to move out as soon as possible. By being responsive to emergencies, your property management company can help you keep your tenants on a long-term basis.

Allowing Minor Aesthetic Updates

One effective strategy for keeping your tenants on a long-term basis is to encourage them to feel at home in the rental. This may mean being flexible with minor cosmetic updates to the home, such as requests for a custom paint color. Contracting with a property management company makes it easier for you to allow these minor aesthetic changes because you can rest assured that the property will have a new paint job shortly after your tenants do move out.