How Landlords Can Make Their Rentals Stand Out

When you invest in a rental property , you may be surprised to find out how much of your job of running that property is marketing it. Vacancies are lost income, and the longer your rentals stay empty, the less viable it becomes to make money as a landlord. In a competitive rental market, your properties have to stand out in the crowd and attract qualified renters who are ready to move in. Working with a property manager in Mesa, AZ can help in your marketing process. This advice will also help you draw renters into your property. rental - home

Make a Plan with Your Property Manager

Involving your property manager in your marketing plan is essential. He or she can provide valuable information about what renters are looking for in your area and how much rent you should charge based on the neighborhood and your property features. Your property manager can also help you navigate the complexities of landlord-tenant laws to ensure that you don’t violate any legal requirements in the way you market your rentals. Often, your property manager can do a large amount of the marketing for you, so it’s helpful to know what they will do to promote your home, so you can focus on other avenues.

Make Upgrades

Any time you upgrade something in your rental properties, you are taking a step towards standing out from the competition. Consider investing in new appliances, or paint the walls and change the carpets. Making your properties feel as fresh, modern, and new as possible will drive up the interest among prospective renters. These upgrades will also make it possible for you to be as selective as possible when considering tenants instead of taking a chance on renters simply because you need to fill a vacancy as fast as possible.

Use Images

Today’s renters don’t want to just read about your property features. They want to see everything your home has to offer. Take high-quality photos and videos and use them everywhere you are marketing your homes. Letting potential renters see exactly what your properties are like will also reduce time lost to unproductive viewings.