How to Rent Out Your Property Fast Like a Pro – Mesa Property Manager Explains

Renting your property out quickly is a top priority for landlords. Today we are sharing some of the things we do to reduce your vacancy.

Establishing Market Rent

Knowing the local rental market and establishing a competitive rent that motivates potential tenants to call and inquire is important. It’s also important to have a screening process that is efficient, effective and helps to identify whether a tenant is qualified to rent your property.

Marketing and Advertising

We have a marketing syndication through our property management software system that allows us to expose your property to up to 100 different websites, depending on how it filters out. This attracts a large number of responses when your property is marketed at the right price.

Convenient Showings

A professional property manager can quickly and efficiently set up showings for your property. At TransCity, we use technology and self service lock boxes and key safes that allow tenants to see the property when they want to see it. Visits are monitored and recorded. This is a key factor that helps us compete with other vacant properties. Following up right away with interested parties is essential.

Online Applications

Our online application process allows prospective tenants to quickly and efficiently identify the home they would like, and then they can apply for it. This initiates our screening process and it’s not long before we can have the home rented to tenants who qualify.

There are a number of advantages to using a professional property management company when you’re trying to rent your home quickly. If you have any questions, please contact us at TransCity Property Management.