Immediate Steps to Take When a Tenant Moves Out

As the end of a tenant’s lease approaches, you may receive notice of a planned move-out. Tenant turnover can be a major hassle for landlords. Not only will you have to inspect the unit and repair any damage, but you’ll also have to begin hunting for your next responsible tenant. All of these tasks can take considerable time and energy, but you can eliminate the hassle by having a property manager take over for you. For landlords in the Mesa, AZ area, professional property management can take the stress out of rental income. property - management

Write a Move-Out Letter

As soon as your tenant gives notice, you or your property manager should prepare a move-out letter. The move-out letter serves to remind your tenant of your expectations regarding the state of the unit such as its cleanliness. Give the tenant information about the move-out inspection and include a list of deductions you may legally make from the security deposit if it becomes necessary. Let your tenant know how and when you will return the security deposit and remind him or her to return the keys. You’ll also need a forwarding address for the tenant. Some property managers attach a copy of the walkthrough checklist that the tenant signed at the beginning of the residency.

Conduct an Inspection

Under Arizona law, your tenant has the right to be present during the inspection of the unit. Your property manager can ensure that the move-out procedures are in full compliance with the applicable laws. You may wish to ask the property manager to take pictures or videotape the inspection to fully document the condition of the rental, especially if deductions must be taken from the security deposit.

Prepare an Itemized Deductions Statement

If the unit is not in the condition it should be in, the property manager will prepare an itemized deductions statement. The statement may include charges for cleaning, repairing any damaged property features, or covering the cost of unpaid financial obligations. Your property manager will arrange for the necessary work to be completed and will attach copies of the receipts to the itemized statement for the tenant’s records.

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