New Paint Can Fill Your Vacancies

If you have empty rental properties, new tenants could be a just a few strokes of a paintbrush away. Painting your property makes it look fresh and ready for prospective renters to call home. Fortunately, if you work with professional property management company in Mesa, AZ , painting your properties is even easier and more affordable, since they can help you access discount for vendors and arrange all of the details on your behalf. Here is a closer look at the power of paint to attract tenants to your rental property. rental - paint

How often should landlords paint?

Deciding how often to paint can be complicated. Although a professional paint job can last up to 10 years, landlords often choose to paint every three to five years, even if the same tenants are in the property. Painting frequently keeps the place looking fresh and can be a good way to keep quality tenants happy in their home. It can also help landlords avoid the need for costly painting in the future. The decision to paint between tenants, especially after a short-term tenancy, is a judgment call, but your property manager may advise you that painting between tenants as a rule is a good policy. Prospective renters appreciate seeing fresh, new walls, even through small chips and other wear and tear on paint does not affect livability.

Do I have to repaint every room?

Some landlords choose to only paint certain rooms between tenants. For instance, a property manager may suggest only painting the high traffic rooms between tenants and then doing a completely new paint job at three to five year intervals. When a tenant moves out, evaluate the walls for damage and try spot cleaning to see if which areas you need to paint.

Why is painting an effective tool?

A fresh paint job gives you an edge in a competitive real estate market and can help you attract high-quality renters. By using the discounts secured by your property manager on painting services, painting your property can be a cost-effective way of leveraging your rental and minimizing the amount of time you spend with a vacancy.