Strategies for Finding the Right Renter

When you’re in need of new tenants for your rental property in Mesa, AZ, you may be wondering how you go about finding responsible people that you can depend on. Knowing how to pick the right renters is essential, as making hasty decisions can mean lost money and damaged property. Fortunately, it’s not hard to narrow down your list of applicants to find the best ones—as long as you know what qualities you should look for. renter - qualifications

Look for a history of paying the rent on time. The most important quality of any tenant is simple: He or she needs to be able to pay you the rent on schedule. Along with getting testimony from a prospective tenant’s current and former landlords, you need to verify your tenant’s income to ensure that he or she will be more than capable of paying the rent along with any other monthly fees.

Do a background check. Most property owners would hesitate to rent to a tenant with a history of violent or criminal behavior. To ensure that you are not inadvertently renting to an individual who may damage your property or become involved in illegal activity while there, it’s essential to do a complete background check.

Check their credit history. The surest way to tell whether a prospective tenant is a responsible person is to look at his or her credit history. If an individual has a record of paying bills on time and has no outstanding debts, it’s a likely sign that he or she will be a safe person to rent to.

Use your personal judgment. If a person’s history as a tenant, background check, and credit history are all spotless, it doesn’t mean that the elimination process is over. Before making a final decision, interview the tenant yourself and ask if he or she seems like a trustworthy person that you would like to do business with. When in doubt, trust your instincts.