Tips for Marketing an Empty Rental Property

It makes good financial sense to begin advertising for new tenants as soon as you receive notice that your current tenants are moving out. But you might not always get new tenants lined up shortly after the property becomes available and a vacant rental brings its own set of problems. Since it’s likely that you have many other responsibilities to juggle, consider working with a property manager in Mesa. A residential management service will take care of the details-from maintaining your rental properties to marketing vacancies.

empty - rental - property

Update Your File Photos

In real estate sales, a well-staged home can command a higher price. The opposite is generally true of rental properties. Prospective tenants generally prefer to see photos or videos of clean properties that do not contain the previous tenant’s furniture and belongings. If you don’t yet have photos on file of the rental property while it’s empty, now is a good time to take them. Be sure to have the property manager take care of any maintenance work beforehand.

Showcase the Property’s Amenities

When developing marketing copy for the rental property, your property manager will likely highlight the amenities of the place to make it stand out from other listings. Prospective tenants typically sort through dozens of listings. To make your property stand out, it’s essential to determine what makes it unique. Perhaps your property is conveniently located near a school, cinema, park, or supermarket. Maybe there’s a skylight in the kitchen and built-in bookshelves in the living room. Whichever features make your property stand out from the rest can help turn your vacancy into a rented property.

Keep the Property Maintained

Prospective tenants who are seriously interested in a property might drive by the location to check it out before calling the property manager. Another benefit of hiring a professional property management service is that you can rely on them to have the yard mowed and the other details taken care of while it’s vacant. A well-maintained property can lead to a rental application, whereas unkempt grass and peeling paint will likely make your would-be tenants look elsewhere.