What Can You Disallow in Your Rental Property?

If own rental properties in Mesa but aren’t sure what you can disallow as a landlord, you may benefit from property management services. Property management companies have extensive experience with landlord tenant law and tenant management experiences. They also work with attorneys that specialize in this area of real estate and can help you understand what you can and cannot disallow on your rental properties.

Fair Housing laws affect all areas of property management leasing including the screening process and administrative practices. You cannot disallow a person from renting your property based on their race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. Some municipalities also have specific laws regarding sexual orientation as well.

If you prefer not to have pets on your property, you can choose to disallow pets. However, service animals cannot be denied access. Many landlords prefer to keep their properties smoke-free environments; it is legal for you to disallow smoking on your property.

A property manager will screen tenants for you by performing a credit and background check using a standardized process. This process verifies the potential tenant’s employment and former landlord references. By verifying these facts about potential tenants and making sure that they have the financial means to pay rent and have not had any problems as tenants in the past you can have a good start to a new a tenancy. After moving in the property manager will watch for red flags such as late payments or complaints from neighbors to verify whether or not a serious problem might exist.