Avoiding Obstacles

Avoiding Obstacles

As your property manager, we want to help you avoid the obstacles you might encounter with the ownership of a rental property.

One of those obstacles and a good reason to use Transcity Property Management is when people don’t (or can’t) pay their rent.

We screen tenants very thoroughly to ensure they have an income source when they come in, but after time passes, sometimes a tenant’s life changes and they don’t pay their rent.

We take your best interest at heart so we move quickly to serve the legal notices required in a timely fashion. Over the years, we have developed processes to issue the right notices and communications to the individual tenants every month. For example, when the rent hasn’t come in by the fifth of the month, the accountable process for collecting past due rents begins.

As our property owner, we protect you all along that process so that you’re never more than 30 to 45 days from being able to execute an eviction if it is necessary as the tenant can’t perform in their default situation.

We are Transcity Property Management and we help you avoid the obstacles you find on your path of property management.