Always Available

Always Available

Always Available.

A lot of people still like to talk to somebody and one of the things that distinguishes us here at Transcity Property Management is that we answer the phone!

My clients have my cell phone number though they rarely call me because when they call the TransCity Property Management office and speak to their property manager, they get the answers they’re looking for. We are always there for our investors, our tenants, our vendors, and our trusted partners. Occasionally, I do get a call and I love talking to our property owners!

So that’s one thing that sets us apart. The fact is we’re always here and we’re always available. We are always working for you.

I am Charlie Brown, the designated broker, and owner of TransCity Property Management. My wife and I have been owners of this business for about 40 years now and we are proud of the service we offer, connecting good tenants with great landlords. Give us a call. We’d love to talk with you.