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Don’t Lose. Use our Knowledge and Representation

One of the reasons I shot this video out in the desert is because I love riding a mountain bike (I think more appropriately, we say a trail bike).

There are a lot of obstacles in these trails and that’s what makes it challenging rather than writing a road bike, which I’ve done as well. Unseen obstacles that seem to materialize out of nowhere can cause people to lose a lot of money if they don’t know what to do in each situation.

Think, for example, about how you come across a bad tenant and feel that you want to work with them. That’s okay, but you don’t want to lose two or three or four months worth of rent by thinking that they’re going to deliver when they aren’t; when they won’t.

In this case and many others, Transcity Property Management represents you, the owner and investor, in every situation. And while we are doing that, we treat your client, your customer, the tenant with the right kind of respect. We have decades of experience and we help you navigate those bumps in the road by knowing qualified vendors and knowing the legal system.

We work through situations the best we can. We take all the legal steps necessary and at the appropriate time, still maintaining a friendly relationship with tenants so they don’t get angry or damage your property. If it does come to a full eviction, we know how to do that and we’re going to do it so it happens in a smooth fashion.