Optimism in Real Estate Investment

Optimism in Real Estate Investment

When you start bike riding on the trails or the road, you usually don’t have the necessary level of fitness to enjoy the ride to its maximum potential.

That is also true of new investors.

You come into an investment full of optimism knowing the pros about it and some of the cons, but our goal is to help you avoid the hard parts of owning a rental property investment. I’ve owned rentals for over 25 years, so I’m an investor as well as a property manager and I also ride trail bikes.

I can tell you that once you get in shape, you can enjoy a few hours’ ride and see a lot of beautiful scenery. Our goal is for you to finish that investment and not give up! When you hit a bad tenant or a major repair, it can shake your confidence and you need to be prepared.

As you ride through those rough patches, your property will continue to grow in value. Your cashflow will increase. All of the benefits (the pros you know about) of owning rental properties are yours, but they’re not realized in the short term. They’re long-term.

You always want to try to invest with a vision of what appreciation will do over time so we take care of the small headaches. Then you don’t need to worry about that investment today. When we are your property manager, you let us handle the risk. You enjoy the benefits.