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The Best Protection in a Worst-Case Scenario

As we go through the screening process at Transcity Property Management, we work to establish whether the tenants have the required income to pay the rent. This is very important.

Yet, we also know that situations come up in life (just look at the year 2020) and life changes happen. Occasionally, a tenant will get in a situation where they can’t pay the rent or they don’t want to pay the rent for whatever reason and they need to be dealt with in an appropriate legal manner.

We know the law. We serve our notices on a timely basis every month for everybody that doesn’t pay. We don’t treat anyone differently, and we work to treat everybody the same. This gives us a consistency that most novice landlords don’t have. They don’t know when to serve those notices after a tenant calls and says they can’t pay. They say, “okay, well when can you pay?” And then they may let it slide along. We’ve seen instances like this turn into months, where three or four months—and sometimes even six months— pass and the owner loses thousands and thousands of dollars.

No owner will lose that kind of money with us because we serve the notices equally and equitably…and on time. We file in the court the same time and same way every month, whether or not the tenant says they can pay the rent. This way we know that you’re always in the best legal position to be protected in a worst-case scenario.