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Representation & Protection for Real Estate Investors

At Transcity Property Management, we help you, we represent you, and we protect you. That’s what we wanted when we began the business more than 30 years ago.

But the technical things I’ve been learning and doing for 40 years in property management, are things you want to know what you’re going into a situation as a property owner.

Think of being out here in the desert and looking at this beautiful terrain. There are a lot of trails out here for mountain bikers, trail bikers, and pedal-assisted bikes, and when you think about property ownership and management, there’s technical terrain to navigate. As I’ve been doing this trail-riding thing for about six or seven months now, I’m learning a lot of the techniques of that and seeing how it is similar to property management.

A lot of times you’re looking down the trail and you see a red flag come up. With our experience, we’re very good at spotting red flags when it comes to property management whether it is when a tenant is coming into a troubled time, either by a late rent payment or some other HOA violation, and we inspect the property. But, we look ahead and know what we need to do in each of these situations.

When we’re out here riding on the trails, we have to see far ahead, but we also must react very quickly to avoid that obstacle turning into a crash. Both cycling and property management require technical skills and knowledge about what to do under circumstances.