About Us

TransCity Property Management provides the best service to owners and investors in the Phoenix area. Here’s what you need to know about our company:

We are locally owned and operated. The company has been in business for over 30 years. It was started by Charlie and Betty Brown in 1986. They incorporated TransCity Property Management because they wanted to provide superior property and rental management services to landlords needing help.

We value a mutually beneficial relationship with our owners and tenants. Our success depends on your success, and we believe in treated tenants like the respected customers that they are. All of our decisions are made with the best interests of you and your property in mind.

We leverage an expertise in technology and accounting best practices to allow you instant access to your account and information about your property. Efficiency and time management are essential in property management, and we maximize all our tools and resources to the benefit of our customers.

We build relationships to help you succeed. Our reputation among real estate agents, business leaders and vendors allow us to access experienced help whenever we need it. This creates a harmonious working environment and attracts new tenants and other interested professionals to your property.

At TransCity Property Management, we have developed a skilled and talented team that is ready to provide the customer service you need. Whether you’re a first time landlord or an investor with a growing portfolio of rental properties, we can take care of everything that goes into managing your home.

Take advantage of our local knowledge, transparent accounting, asset protection and incomparable vendor relationships. Working with us means you will have the opportunity to increase your cash flow, preserve the value of your investment and enjoy a stress-free successful career as a landlord and rental property owner.

Transcity Property Management Values

Our Work Ethic is at the core of our daily routines and efforts. Through timely communication with owners and tenants, we can exceed their expectations. They will be happy and stay with us longer and refer their friends.  As we listen to comprehend their situations and discern what they need or are asking, we build better relationships and continue our efforts to provide high customer experience.  We will seek to be efficient, reliable, and dependable with each other in the office and we will seek to underpromise and overdeliver when we can. 

Mutual Integrity Is the foundation of lasting and meaningful relationships as the performance of our duties affects our team members. We may all fall short from time to time, but we must have trust in our established moral foundation. Honesty is our guiding principle, entailing respect for all the legalities and ethics of our profession. By knowing and following all laws we never should encounter issues from governing bodies. We will be consistent and decisive in the application of the Policies and Procedures that we develop as a company, communicating with owners, tenants, and each other. We don’t hesitate to hold each other accountable and there is no retribution or hard feelings for checking or reminding each other in good faith.

An attitude of success:  Attitude is a central element of our accomplishments.  We are optimistic, teachable, and open to new ideas as we solve problems and maintain a perspective that sees beyond any problem we might encounter. We will see a bright side (and even humor) in the struggle sometimes.

Here at Transcity, we believe in being something bigger. All of our efforts, processes, and products are (and will be) designed and aligned to keep us true to why we do what we do (help investors accumulate wealth) and how we do it (through the sales and management of rental homes).

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