• What Happens When a Rental Property Goes into Foreclosure

    In 2009 the Tenant Protection at Foreclosure Act was passed and it ended in 2014, it was reenacted again recently in May. Here are some of the effects of that act.

  • Power Partner With Expert Property Management for Real Estate Agents

    Successful real estate agents need an experienced property manager with proven history of integrity and accomplishment. We can help a successful real estate agent build their business serving their investor clients. Many seasoned Realtors and agents create a power partnership with a good property management company. It can provide big returns from repeat sales and […]

  • How Landlords Can Make Their Rentals Stand Out

    When you invest in a rental property , you may be surprised to find out how much of your job of running that property is marketing it. Vacancies are lost income, and the longer your rentals stay empty, the less viable it becomes to make money as a landlord. In a competitive rental market, your […]

  • Marketing Your Rental Property

    As a landlord, one of the biggest advantages of working with a residential property management company is that they can assist you in marketing your property. Because every day your rental property in Mesa, AZ is empty costs you money, a strong marketing strategy should always be part of your business plan. When you market […]

  • How to Avoid Drain Issues in Your Home

    If you have significant drain issues in your rental home, your property manager will arrange for repairs. However, you can avoid many drain issues with a few simple preventative measures. Be sure to call your property manager in Mesa, AZ if you notice signs of a leak or a drain that won’t clear, and watch […]

  • Advice for Renting a Home with a Roommate

    When you’re renting a home, having a roommate is a great way to upgrade the properties you can consider, since you can split your living expenses. However, choosing the wrong roommate can turn your dream home into a nightmare. Before you start your roommate search, check with the property management company in Mesa, AZ who […]

  • Move-Out Cleaning Advice for Tenants

    When you move out of a rental property, your landlord and the property management company will expect you to clean it thoroughly. If you aren’t sure what kind of cleaning needs to be done, contact the property manager of your Mesa, AZ home , who can explain the expectations. Watch this video for some tips […]

  • Using Our Rental Search Service to Find a New Home

    At TransCity Property Management, Inc., we make it easy for prospective tenants to find great rental properties in Mesa, AZ, using our online rental system. Via our website , you can see our available properties and get all of the information you need to know about becoming a tenant. Our website shows you specific information […]

  • Tips for Setting the Right Rental Rate for Your Property

    When you own rental properties , you can’t make money when they are sitting empty. Keeping your rentals full comes down to setting the right rent. Setting your rental rates involves several considerations that a property management company in Mesa, AZ, with experience in the local market, can help you navigate. When you’re determining how […]

  • A Look at Our Approach to Tenant Screening and Property Inspections

    At TransCity Property Management, Inc. in Mesa, AZ, we help landlords tackle the tasks of marketing properties, vetting tenants, and performing inspections. Not only do our property management services make it easier for landlords to maximize the returns on their real estate investments, but they also ensure that landlord-tenant law is closely followed in every […]