Management FAQs

Q: How does TransCity Property Management provide excellent service?

A: Our knowledge of local legal requirements, immediate response to maintenance issues, thorough screening of tenants and strategic pricing and marketing will serve to minimize your vacancy and keep cashflow at its peak.   We are confident that our policies and procedures will protect your property by renting to qualified tenants and provide safe, habitable housing to our tenants.

Q: How does TransCity Property Management market a property?

A: We have decades of experience in the local rental and housing markets.   We effectively market your property whether it is  in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert or other cities in the Phoenix area through our online advertising syndication of dozens of property rental websites.    We can also use the Multiple Listing Service and work with Realtors who have rental clients.

Q: Can I choose my tenants?

A: It’s important to comply with all federal fair housing laws. That means you cannot accept or deny a tenant based on their family size, race, gender, religion, and other indications. You can decide not to allow pets, but you must allow service animals. We will work with you to make sure you understand the laws and how we screen tenants for approval.

Q: How do you screen tenants?

A: We conduct a comprehensive background check which includes a credit history and criminal activity report. We will verify income sources, current, and prior landlords as well. We go over lease details with prospective tenants ot make sure they understand their responsibilities and our expectations.

Q: When do you collect rent?

A: Rent is due on the first of the month.  Tenants can pay rent online or other accepted means.  When we will send funds to your bank account by direct deposit on or about the 16th of the month. We include a monthly accounting statement and email you a notification.  We also provide you with an annual statement which you will need to file your taxes.

Q: Does TransCity perform inspections?

A: We perform an inspection when a tenant moves out and monitor any repairs between tenants.  We do not inspect the property at other times unless requested by you as we seek to rent to tenants who are responsible renters with a record of taking care of properties.  Quiet enjoyment is a key factor when renting a home. When vendors are making repairs, they are instructed to look around and report anything suspicious. We may to a drive by the property to see how it looks. If there are concerns about whether or not the tenant is causing damage or not following the lease, we will schedule an interior walk through.

Our Values

  • 30 + Years Of Industry Integrity & Experience In The Southeast Valley
  • Proactive And Efficient Approach To Solve Any Issue
  • Maintain A Positive Attitude
  • Deliver The Best Experience For Each Client
  • Help Property Owners Build Equity And Cash Flow
  • We Stand Behind Everything We Do