Available Properties

Before Applying For A Property:

  • Contact A TransCity Leasing Agent

  • Review Screening Criteria Thoroughly

  • All of the rental prices you see are based upon a standard 12-month lease. Shorter term rentals may apply on selected properties with an increased rental rate. 
  • In addition to the listed monthly rental price there is a monthly rental sales tax (which varies by city) and a $10.00 per month administration fee.
  • Once you are approved for a property, we require a signed lease, security deposit, and a non-refundable one time admin fee of $250 to be paid within 24 hours, otherwise we will continue to market the property.
  • Application fees are $55.00 per adult and are nonrefundable for any reason. Anyone over the age of 18 living on the property is required to fill out an application.
  • Pet Screening: One applicant per household is required to complete our animal policy screening (regardless of if you have an animal or not). Please call our office before you apply to see if the property you are applying for will accommodate your pet. Emotional Support Animals are accepted with proper documentation. If pets are allowed there is a pet fee per pet. Each animal is to be registered and screened through petscreening.comThere is a $20.00 fee for the first pet and a $15.00 fee for each additional pet. No charge for ESA’s. See additional info here.
  • We do not allow smoking of any substance inside or outside any of our rental homes. This includes marijuana and tobacco and e-cigarettes.
  • Renters Insurance is required to begin occupancy and must remain in force for the term of the lease.
  • Make sure that you read the CC&R’s for the property you are applying for.  You will be agreeing to abide by them in your lease agreement.