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Keeping Good Tenants

Tenants who pay rent on time, keep their rental homes tidy, and are neighborly to fellow tenants, save property managers and owners a ton of money in advertising, marketing, and “make ready” expenses.
A high turn over rate of desirable tenants […]

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7 Survival Tips to Renting your Home

Stressing about renting your home to a complete stranger?
Let’s face it…..we have all heard the horror stories of renting to bad tenants.  You know, the ones who are late with rent payments, trash the updated rental, allow pests to co-habitat, […]

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Turn Your Potential Foreclosure into a Rental

What can you do?  Have you tried to sell your home without success?  Are you open to renting it out to cover the monthly payment or have you struggled with this decision because the thought […]

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